I've virtually formed the habit of going back to my goals now and then. It has been almost a year since I wrote some of them down in the jotter inside my cell phone.

I know it's a bad idea storing crucial things on the phone but I found it faster and less stressful typing into my cell than writing.

A few days back I deleted 3 items from my goals list only to come up again today to re-include them cos I discovered that they can amount to something great in a few years to come.

You see, the journey to your goals can be confusing at times but don't you ever be discouraged.

Your ability to turn a skeletal plan into a fleshy body is the ultimate destination.

If you have goals, please write them down! Don't be like me that stores them in my cell phone 😆

Keep visiting them every 24hrs and one day you'd be happy that you did.



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